Overnight Morocco Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Morocco Desert Safari

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Overnight safari is a wonderful experience once in a while. Deserts of Morocco are world’s renowned deserts that have great attraction of visitors. In fact Morocco Overnight Desert Safari is a way through which you can see the Arabian Desert culture and their unique way of living! If you are a nature lover person, then night safari is the best option. Feel another world of imagination makes a visit of Sahara Desert worth it.

Your craze for the Sahara Desert Safari begins from that time when you enter in this desert and get involved completely in this desert environment. Our expert drivers guide you in whole journey so you not only get amused but also get knowledge about these sandy shores. The special safari jeeps will take you to the sandy hills and catchy sandy dunes. The whole voyage evokes a sensation that enables you to sink in delight! Moreover the superb picturesque will make your moments more worthy. After completing the splendid dune bashing, we will take you to your camp. The camp is a nomad tents, decorated and furnished with cushions and carpets. At arrival you are served with traditional mint tea. After this heart-pushing trip and some relax you are dressed in true and real berber costumes. To give you a real desert experience, you have a camel ride and a special BBQ dinner along with a special drums music.

The price is : 200€ Per person

What's included :
  • Pick-up and drop back at your hotel
  • Desert driving & Dune bashing in 4wds by professional drivers trained to get to the camp
  • Private Car (4x4) with Driver/Guide
  • Special Dinner at the camp & Breakfest
  • Short Camel Trek for Sunset or Sunrise
  • Fragrant Sheesha (Arabian Water pipe).
  • Enchanting Drums Music entertainment
  • Overnight in Nomad Tents (Desert Camp)
  • Sand Board in dunes


How to ride the camel and things you'll need for the camel ride ?

  • 1) Wear long pants .
  • The motion of the camel can make your pants go up to your calves.
  • 2) Make sure you have sunscreen.
  • While this might be pretty obvious, you should always remember to do this if you're going to the desert.
  • 3) If you bring an electronic device, make sure you tie it on.
  • Remember, camels are tall animals, and if your device happens to fall, don't expect it to survive.
  • 4) Bring a painkiller.
  • This is only for rides longer than 1 hour. You might not think it, but being on a camel for a long time can really hurt. So just bring a light painkiller like Tylenol or Advil and things will work out just fine.
  • 5) If for the first time, ride camels with supervision.
  • This will prevent from any accidents happening.
  • 6) Mount the camel.
  • It should be in a sitting position or from a scaffold when you do this. Get one foot on the stirrup and then put the other leg over the camel's hump. Do this all in one strong action to prevent from falling before you can even ride the camel.
  • 7) Sit and hold the reins confidently.
  • Camels can sense when a person in uncomfortable. By doing this, you'll make the camel feel more relaxed instead of wanting to go on a rampage. Good posture may also keep you falling from the camel.
  • 8) Dismount the camel.
  • Even the best (and weirdest) moments have to come to an end. Just like mounting an animal, it's best to do this while the camel is in the sitting position .

Merzouga Activities

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NOTE : our tours and itineraries can be modified according to your needs, for more informations and camel trek tour packages departure from Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca or otherplaces in Morocco, please check our Morocco tour packages page or contact us.

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