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Joining a Morocco desert tour that includes a camel ride across the sand dunes should be on everyone’s bucket list while visiting Morocco. All of our desert trips include riding camels and spending at least one-night camping in the desert, enjoying the Sahara’s sunset, sunrise, and many other extra activities, such as Sandboarding, ATV, and Dune Buggy excursions. Also, you can join one of our treks for several days into the desert, discovering the hidden parts of the Sahara, staying in standard camps, with a nomad family, exploring their way of life, or even in luxurious glamping.

To someone who has never seen a desert, it’s difficult to express the sensation of approaching one. What you witness is a drying landscape, browning soil, and the gradual disappearance of trees and plants. Suddenly golden dunes appear like a mirage out of nowhere quite quickly.

A huge horizon of golden waves that appears to have neither beginning nor end. It’s simple to display photographs and type text, but expressing emotion is more challenging. Perhaps it’s one of those things you simply have to see for yourself, like the first time you see the ocean.

The Sahara Desert is a massive desert that spans most of Morocco. However, not all of it resembles the image you usually have in mind when you think of the Moroccan desert. A large, flat expanse of dusty orange debris covers a large portion of the Moroccan desert. To see the real Sahara with undulating golden sand dunes you must visit Erg Chebbi or Erg Chegaga or book a Morocco tour that includes both of the ergs. These two places seem just like what you’d expect to see when visiting the Sahara.

Morocco desert tours

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Desert Tours Packages


Desert Tours From MarrakechMarrakech/Marrakech & FesFrom 80 Euros
Desert Tours From FesFes/Fes & MarrakechFrom 100 Euros
Desert Tours From Fes To MarrakechFes/Fes & MarrakechFrom 110 Euros
Desert Trips From Marrakech To FesMarrakech/Marrakech & FesFrom 100 Euros
Sahara Tours From CasablancaCasablanca/Fes & MarrakechFrom 250 Euros
Merzouga Sahara Desert TripsMerzouga/MerzougaFrom 45 Euros

Sahara Travel FAQs

What Is The Sahara Desert’s Exact Location?
The Sahara desert covers a huge part of the North African countries, with an approximate area of 9 200 000 square kilometers starting from Morocco to Egypt, with the exception of the lush Mediterranean Sea coast, the Atlas Mountains of the Maghreb, and Egypt's and Sudan's Nile Valleys.It is considered the hottest on earth, reaching up to 50 °C in the summer, and around 0 °C in winter. Except during sand storms, when the sky becomes gray and hazy, the sky is normally clear above the desert, and the length of sunshine is high everywhere in the Sahara. The majority of the Sahara desert receives more than 3,600 hours of strong sunlight per year, with a large portion in the east receiving more than 4,000 hours.
Which One Is The Best Moroccan Desert?
Morocco has several deserts, such as agafay, Zagora, Merzouga, Mhamid, and many more. However, if you want to see the real Sahara, and enjoy a magical sunset or sunrise over the highest orange sands, you must visit the Erg Chebbi dunes, known as Merzouga desert, located about 550 kilometers from Marrakech, 470 kilometers from Fes, and around 670 kilometers from Casablanca.
How To Get To Moroccan Desert?
You can get to Zagora , Chegaga, and Erg Chebbi (Merzouga desert) by public buses, national flights, and by hiring a car or by taking a Moroccan desert tour.Public Buses:There are several daily departures to Zagora and 3 supratour buses to Merzouga, from Marrakech, Meknes, and Fes. The Supratour bus leaves Marrakech at 8:00 a.m. and arrives in Merzouga at 20:00 p.m., taking around 12 hours, and leaves Fes at 19:00 and arrives in Merzouga around 06:00.National Flights:There are a few national flights to Zagora's airport from numerous Moroccan cities, while Merzouga does not have an airport and the closest is Errachidia's airport, which is 100 kilometers away and can be reached a few times a week from Casablanca and Fes.Renting a car:Both Merzouga and Zagora can be reached by normal car, however, if you want to avoid driving via the snaky roads of the High Atlas Mountains, you can hire a car with a driver or join a Morocco desert tour from Marrakech, Fes, or Casablanca that includes transportation, accommodation, and activities.
How Is The Weather In The Desert?
Merzouga and Zagora deserts are two of Morocco's driest and hottest locations, with temperatures reaching 50 °C in the summer (mid-June to mid-September) and 0 °C early in the morning in the winter (Mid-November to Mid-February).
What Is The Best Time To Visit The Sahara?
The best months to take a Sahara desert tour are September to May, and it is not recommended during the summer months since it is extremely hot. Keep in mind that temperatures in December and January might drop to 0 degrees in the mornings but rises to 22 degrees during the day.
What To Choose A Shared Or Private Morocco Desert Tours?
If you're on a limited budget, consider joining a 3- or 4-day shared desert trip that departs from Marrakech or Fes; however, being in a group may not be the best option for those who want to enjoy the Sahara's silence.We highly recommend a 4 to 6-day private desert tour for travelers with plenty of time in Morocco to explore the great south and the Sahara, discover the Sahara's hidden secrets undiscovered Oasis, and learn about the Berber culture and the nomadic life.
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