Standard Desert Camp

Without a doubt, spending the night under a starry sky in the Sahara desert is the dream of everyone. We provide a diverse selection of Sahara desert camps to fit any traveler’s needs and budget, and we have prepared them to make your Sahara stay an unforgettable experience.

Our Standard desert camp has several tents, a kitchen tent, a shared bathroom, and a large restaurant tent with tables, chairs, and sofas. All of our tents are privates and well-equipped with electricity from solar panels, beds, sheets, and enough blankets.

To offer both comfort and a unique experience, we have decorated our camps with Berber carpets all over, and each tent is differently decorated as well.

Our camps can be booked and included in a desert tour package, also you can book the camp separately if you are traveling on your own.

Dinner & Breakfast

Private Tents

Shared Bathroom

night in standard desert camp

FAQs About The Standard Sahara Desert Camps

What I have to bring for the night at the camp?
If you're riding camels to the camp, you'll need sun protection, a scarf or hat, and a bottle of water. We recommend bringing a jacket and gloves during the winter months (mid-November to mid-February) because it becomes very cold at night and early in the morning.
Is the camp heated?
No, the camp is not heated, but there are enough blankets.
Are there vegetarian and vegan options?
Yes, vegan and vegetarian meals are available, but you must notify us in advance.
How to get to the camp?
The camp is reachable by camels and 4WD cars.

There will be music at the camp?
Yes, the local camp team will play traditional Berber drum music.
Do I have to bring sleeping bags?
No, the tents are well-equipped with beds, sheets, and blankets.
Are the tents private or shared?
All the tents are privates, only the bathroom is shared.
What is the difference between standard and luxury camps?
The luxury camp has private luxurious tents with ensuite bathrooms, and the standard camp has basic private tents and shared bathroom.