Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan oil is a natural miracle beauty and health product for the whole body. Discover why it's also called the "Liquid Gold" of Morocco.


Although Argania spinosa trees were once found throughout North Africa, today the species grows exclusively in southwestern Morocco. The endangered trees are now protected by UNESCO and other conservation efforts that monitor the cultivation of oil. An ecosystem restoration project insures that the argan trees will continue to grow, produce oil and create work opportunities for local women who are responsible for extracting the oil and benefit from its sale. All argan oil is produced by these cooperatives which distribute profits among the Berber tribe.


Pure argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world and is revered for its rich concentration of vitamins and minerals, no wonder it is called the Moroccan “liquid gold”. The oil contains high levels of tocopherols, powerful antioxidants that are vital for healthy skin and hair. High levels of carotenes, phenolic acid, squalene and phenols also contribute to the oil's cosmetic value. The oil is composed of 42.8% oleic fatty acids and 36.8% linoleic fatty acids, both of which contribute to its healing and moisturizing properties. Argan oil also contains squalene that helps protecting collagen and makes skin softer. Phenolic compounds found in the oil help protect the skin from harmful free radicals that contaminate skin and leave it dull, lifeless and dry.

Here is a list of some benefits of using argan oil

For body: use to hydrate and soften your skin.
For face: use to deeply moisturize and create a dewy, radiant look.
For eyes: use to intensely hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
For hair: use to treat split ends and minimize flyaway.
For nails: use to condition cuticles.
For feet and toes: use to soften rough patches.

It helps fighting against face acne, stretch marks, dry skin, skin aging (wrinkles), skin irritation, sensitive scalp, cracks and burn, hair loss, dry hair, split ends etc. However even if you don’t suffer from anything mentioned above, using argan oil daily for the whole body is a good investment for the future to keep your natural beauty and health.


Being a local company with many years of experience in the tourism sector in Morocco we always strive to develop, improve and shape our services according to the needs of our clients. Throughout the years we noticed that most of the tourists are traveling to our country in order to find the pure Argan oil. On numerous occasions, we have had requests from our clients to purchase Argan oil through our company. As a result of these requests, we decided to start distribution of Argan oil to different countries in Europe. As a local company we know the best places for Argan oil in the country, we have contacts with most of the local producers of Argan oil in Agadir and Essaouira and we chose the best product for you and we are willing to bring it to your home.


Our products have certificates for quality from USDA Organic and ECOCERT with the highest verified quality; 100% BIO, pure and organic Argan oil.


Distribution and pricing will depend on your location and the quantity of your order. For more information about shipping times, prices and the different possible sizes and quantity of your order please contact us directly to our e-mail address moroccoexcursions@gmail.com or check our contact page.

Pure Argan Oil

100% Pure Argan Oil

100% Moroccan Argan Oil

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