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March 28, 2017
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June 3, 2017
The sahara desert, Morocco

The sahara desert, Morocco

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Traveling to Morocco in summer is one of the must thing to do, the temperature gets to 30 degrees on the Atlantic coast and up to 50 degrees in the Sahara desert, so if you are traveling to Morocco for the first time during the summer, you have to be prepared for this difference of the climate.

Even it get that hot in Morocco,  people are still going and you might be surprised to know just how many of them visit the Sahara for the months of July, August, and  September. If Morocco is on your list for a summer holiday, you might not have thought it possible to visit the Sahara desert.
However, Marrakesh temperatures can sometimes be comparable to Zagora, approaching the Sahara desert. And if you are passing via Marrakesh, in the summer, you aren’t daunted by the prospect of the heat, and therefore a visit to the Desert is feasible for most – it’s a question of managing the time you want to spend in the Sahara desert, how you spend it and, of course, avoiding the real hotspots.

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Riding Camels at sunset.

Most of the people who travel to the Sahara desert when it gets to 50 degrees are people who do the “Sand bath“, it helps people who have problems with rheumatism and problems of cold. There are also people who travel to the Sahara desert to ride camels and spend a night in the Sahara desert, this kind of excursions start late and end early Morocco, due to the hot weather.

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Riding Camels near the sea

When you are traveling to Morocco during the summer, the best places and cities are those near the Atlantic coast (Ex: Essaouira, El Oualidia, Asilah…..etc). you can spend days and even weeks enjoying the perfect weather and the sunshine.

During your visit to one of this cities, you can try different seafood, different activities by ATVs, Camels and also by boats.

Hassan Mouhou
Hassan Mouhou
My name is Hassan Mouhou, I born in the Sahara desert (Merzouga, South Morocco) I worked for several years as a tour guide and a blogger for my company.

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