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The sahara desert, Morocco
Traveling to Morocco in summer
May 29, 2017
Transportation in Morocco, Getting around the country
June 3, 2017
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Welcome to Morocco

Morocco is a place of beauty. The beauty of the land is the one that attracts tourists to that place from all over the world. There are many exciting cities, the oldest is called, Fes. Fes is the heart of Morocco. Morocco Tours is full of history and culture. The city of Marrakech is full of heritage and culture. This city has much to offer for its tourists. If you want to explore this city, then the best season in which you can roam around with ease is the season of spring and autumn. This city keeps its visitors very busy. The Western part is full of snow. There are the Atlas Mountains on that side of Morocco.


Morocco Excursions Company will take you to Morocco’s most beautiful places, with itineraries that allow you to explore and discover hidden gems. We will also help you discover and realize your desert desires and dreams. We will share our knowledge and love of our country and its rich history with you of course. Our excursions and Sahara desert tours are expertly crafted to embrace the standout highlights of Morocco along with hidden gems and plenty of time at leisure to make your own discoveries.

Discover the exotic gateway to Africa, we can arrange a customized tour, transportation in Morocco…etc. Wherever you travel in Morocco, you make sure that all your Morocco luxury travels are authentic, innovative and utterly unforgettable.

Hassan Mouhou
Hassan Mouhou
My name is Hassan Mouhou, I born in the Sahara desert (Merzouga, South Morocco) I worked for several years as a tour guide and a blogger for my company.

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